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Post by: J. J. Lavin

There are hundreds if not thousands of casinos online. Online gambling has confidently come into the lives of many people to change them significantly and forever. Though, we shall admit that not all the casinos deserve similar attention and trust. There are better providers, there are scammers, and there are providers that constantly rank among the best ones. They have come to win the hearts of punters.

Supernova casino is definitely among the last ones. The first detail that indicates whether the casino is reliable or not is its license or even its availability. It is better if a casino has the license, and it is preferable if it is a license issued by some reputable watchdog.

Supernova Casino took proper care of this aspect of its activity. It has a Curacao licence. It means a lot to those who are little bit aware of the gambling world.

Thus, a license of such a watchdog means:

Reliability and safety: the casinos are obliged to keep a part of their funds in a special foundation aimed to protect punters in the emergency cases. Even if the casino is not able to continue operating, all the unused deposits will be paid out by the foundation from the savings that the casino has made.

Gambling companies are required to keep the funds of the enterprise and the deposits of players on separate accounts, thus, there is no chance that, for example, your money that you have deposited to your account, can be applied for something else by the company.

The license availability also means that the casino is financially stable. Getting a license is an expensive and quite a troublesome process. Thus, a company that dares for such a process has money. For a punter, it means that the casino will not create troubles for paying out a couple of thousands or even millions.

To get the license, a casino needs to have working customer support. Thus, has it, and customers insist that it is highly professional, friendly, and in general, the best of the best.

We have checked the payment options, too. They are perfectly customized to the countries where the enterprise is operational. This is a good sign for punters. In general, it is a common requirement but not all the casinos follow it.

All in all, this is a decent casino to try. If you are looking for something decent and unusual, this is definitely your option.

Supernova Games

The site started its services in 2016. Thus, you can count on plenty of the most innovative games and offers. Supernova is available in the majority of countries, including even the most exigent and demanding ones, such as the USA and Canada. Needless to mention such locations that are loyal to gambling, Australia and New Zealand are among those ones. It is a pity but the Curacao license of Supernova does not allow them operating in Europe. Otherwise, European punters could also have taken an advantage of the incredible offers of Supernova slot Casino.

Casino Supernova Slots

Rival Gaming is the developer behind all the offers of Casino Supernova. This is one of the most innovative developers in the niche. That’s why it is so popular among American punters. Their main offers is in slots. This is one of the developers that works in specific markets, too, such as the one of the USA. Thus, don`t be surprised that the names of the games, as well as the complete approach and themes might be significantly different than in any other casino that is not powered by Rival Gaming.

Those are 5-reels slots. All the generally available features are present, but, as we have already mentioned in the review, there are some features that make this casino different. For instance, every slot tells a story. It makes the entire gambling process really exciting. You are following the plot and living the story through. Even some bonus games are based on the storyline and you can earn more if you know what it is about.

Just to mention some names of Supernova Slot Casino games, here they are:

  • As the Reels Turn;
  • Panda Party;
  • Hole in the Won, etc.

We bet you have never seen such names by any other provider. Even though the offers are quite unique, the developer understands that there are different players and not all of them like something brand new. Some prefer sticking to good old games, versions, and so on. That`s why a good collection of normal classic games is available, too. If you are after good old classics, this is for sure an option for you. Though no doubt you shall make sure first that your favorite games are available and then, register and deposit money.

Table Games in

If slots are not your cup of tea, you can explore a quite decent collection of other games. In our review, we would really like to underline that this developer creates a complete set for an online casino. Thus, even though the list of developers allowed in the USA is limited, these companies do their best to manage all the demands that a punter might have. Thus, table games are a must in the collection of any developer.


Roulette is an integral part of every game offering in any casino. is not an exception. Even though the choice is not huge indeed, but the main variants suc as Americal roulette, European roulette, can be found there. Thus, what about spinning the wheel and checking what is it going to bring you today?


Here, you can play a couple of options of this game that has been popular since many decades. There are not so many variations of it, thus, just pick any to try.


Even though this game has always been considered as the game of the poor ones, it has deserved its popularity. Easy to play, engaging, and profitable, blackjack is represented in some versions here.

Video Poker

There are a lot of games in this section. It is possible to see that the main punters, from the markets of the USA and Canada, prefer this game, and the casino does its best to not to disappoint them.

Thus, the video poker section is incredible indeed. More than ten different kinds of games are available.

Specialty Games

On, everybody can find whatever he/she has ever wanted to try. Specialty games, such as craps, and many more names, are available. Thus, the casino cares of the variety of offers to take care of all the punters.

Live Supernova

There is no good casino without a top-quality live games section. Supernova offers you to try roulette, baccarat, and blackjack in a section with live dealers.

The main benefit is the bets in the live Supernova. You can play there with a very limited budget. If you can bet with one dollar only, you are very welcomed to do so. For highrollers, this is a perfect live casino, too. They can bet up to 250 USD on blackjack and baccarat, and up to 50 USD on roulette. The variety is impressive. To make everybody feel comfortable, several games are available with several betting ranges. Thus, check all and choose the one that is within your budget.

There are drawbacks, too. The main one, we would say, in the selection of live offers. There are not so many of them, just the main ones. We believe though that the casino will grown and improve this section, or rather, will expand it.

One more drawback is rather typical to all the live casinos. You cannot play for free there, just for real bucks even though it can be just one dollar. Thus, if you are after the most realistic experience, prepare your bucks. A sign up procedure and login are requested, too.

Supernova on Mobile Devices

Supernova is perfectly compatible with all the mobile devices. The fact that the casino started its operation in 2016, means that it applies the most advanced HTML5 technology for websites. Thus, the website adjusts to the screen of any your device as well as its functionality.

It means that you can just open the website from any browser, any device, and enjoy a fully-functional casino version.

Many providers have given up downloadable versions but for some reason, Supernova is not one of such enterprises. Thus, you can choose whether you prefer a flash version of the games or you would like to download a mobile version for your specific mobile device iOS. You might even want to download a version for a desktop, it is also available. Yes, we know that newer casinos do not offer anything to download for a desktop, but here, has selected a completely different way.

As you can see, whatever you prefer and in whatever manner you want to have it, on, you can afford to get anything. With Supernova, you can enjoy your preferred games and even earn if your luck stays by you whenever you are: on a trip, waiting in a queue, etc. The main thing is to have a device that connects to the web and has the capacity to manage the technologies applied in the casino.

Payment Options, Deposits, Withdrawals

While in Canada, punters don’t have any issues with how to pay or withdraw their funds, the USA has imposed a lot of limitations on gambling and, hence, different payment providers shall be careful indeed to make sure they are not doing anything illegal.

Supernova takes proper care of the safety of all its players, thus, all the payment options are carefully customized to be applied in every separate country absolutely problemlessly and legally.

Thus, the choice might differ significantly from one location to another. However, whatever is available, you can be sure that you will find it in Supernova.

  • Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard);
  • Bank accounts;
  • E-wallets (not available for the USA);
  • Prepaid cards (in selected locations, please check on the website version for your country).

We would say that the number of payment providers is rather standard, thus, you can check what is convenient for you, and we are sure that you will find an option.

One significant drawback is though the time that is needed to process the payment. The enterprise requires up to one week to release your money. This is a record time we have seen. We believe this is too long indeed but for the USA, they might again have special requirements.

There are also withdrawal minimums. For instance, a usual punter can withdraw just 2,000 USD weekly which is nothing exceptional, too.

For american cards and bank transfers, a fee of 50USD is applied for every withdrawal. This is also something to keep in mind. Though it is better than nothing, and this is something we and players from the USA shall accept.

Supernova takes utmost care of data protection online. The provider understands that people type on their website sensitive information such as their personal data, bank accounts, and so on. Thus, everything shall be perfectly protected. That`s why the provider applies the most advanced SSL certificate to ensure everything is perfectly safe and nobody can steal the data of gamblers.

Even if some super smart hacker breaks into the safety system of the company and steals your information, he/she gets just a random string of some symbols. Is it possible to decode them? Definitely yes, but without a key, many years and equipment worth thousands of dollars is needed. It will cost much more than that hacker can steal, thus, there is no chance that somebody while knowing these details can even try to do it.

Thus, while payment options are not the most loyal ones, the safety is at the top and this might be the crucial benefit here.

Customer Support

The software of the developer that is backing up the Superonva`s offer is very reliable and works super smoothly. But there are no perfect things, thus, even such type of casinos shall ensure they can solve any issue that might ever arise.

That is why their customer support is available any time a player might need them. Considering that the casino operates on several continents, the most logical solution is to apply 24/7 service, and this is exactly what Supernova does.

Thus, you can contact a Supernova customer support agent 24/7 via:

  • Supernova live chat. They can assist any punter immediately if an urgent issue arises. Consider, though one point: this option is available only after sign up and login. Those who are just roaming around and aren`t clients yet cannot get access to this function. This is not the most convenient feature because basically, to find out something that interests you is impossible.
  • Email is also available. Supernova is known to reply to all the mails very efficiently and thoroughly. Though again, you cannot count on this service if you don`t sign up.
  • The same is regarding the phone number. It is available on the website, but if you don`t register, you don`t see it. Find out the number and call them whenever you need.

Even though the Supernova customer support is known for being exceptionally friendly and professional, we would still prefer to have all the contact data in the open access without any need to roam around and read thousands of reviews to find them out. For our review, this would be one of the main drawbacks of the Supernova support. Other than that, they are just amazing and super professional.

Supernova Bonuses and Offers

Supernova would not deserve any special attention if not the bonuses. They are generous, and this is something that can compensate for all the other drawbacks.

Welcome Bonus: up to 1,000 USD

The welcome bonus offer is designed to satisfy maximally any punter. You can choose one option of two.

Option 1

Make a deposit and get normal welcome money in the sum of 100% from your first deposit. The limitation is 500 Euro, thus, the sum is very significant. You can check this bonus whether you prefer it for your first or the second deposit.

Don`t forget about wagering. Here, it is 40x. This is quite a reasonable playthrough, we would say.

Option 2

You can get up to 750 USD on the first deposit, the bonus is 120% from the first deposit. The same wagering requirements apply.

Thus, the total welcome offer is up to 1,000 USD, but the conditions and variations exist.

Important note to remember: all the bonus money is not cashable, it means that you can play with it, win with it, get all the benefits but you cannot cash the bonus funds out, just the winnings are available for that.

To claim any of the bonuses, use a special bonus code. It is indicated directly under the bonus offer, there, where you can claim it. This is not the so wished no deposit code but it can bring you significant bonus money.

Reload Bonuses

Every month, players get generous reload bonuses. The more you play the more you get, thus, the principle is pretty simple. Make deposits, use all the bonus codes, and enjoy.

Something Crucial to Note

The bonus deals and offers are not clearly indicated. There are different offers for different games, but indeed, you shall either ask the customer support to find out the details or to just start playing and depositing to find out.

We recommend asking about everything. For instance, different deals are available for slots, card games, specialty games, but if you don’t know the specifics of the casino, you can be really confused with all the offers that they have. Moreover, many bonuses are available for choice with promo codes.

Bonus Codes

There are many no deposit code offers on a plethora of websites. There, you can get some no deposit free spins, just consider the conditions. There were also complaints about some websites advertising no deposit code offers that would supposedly give a lot of money. Some websites report that due to special relationships, if a punter uses their referral link, the punter can get 10,000 USD and more money as a welcome bonus. Free spins are no included but this offer sounds not too credible.

Thus, we checked its credibility and it appeared to be a scam. Thus, when you see no deposit offers or promo codes with conditions that are too good to be true, check it with Supernova. It might appear that those incredible no deposit offers and promo codes are not true and the casino itself doesn’t know a lot about them.

Final Thoughts

Supernova is a good casino even though there are some contradictions in its policy. Whie everything is crystal clear with games, payment, and similar, promotion offers are rather obscure. Their conditions are not stated clearly, and the information about a no deposit bonus 2021 available on partner websites is frequently told not to be true. Thus, before applying any no deposit bonus 2021 code, make sure with the casino it is valid.

The same applies to no deposit codes and promo codes. While some no deposit offers promoted on third-parties resources and promo codes are true, some are fake, and this is a pity. This is something though that the casino has nothing to do with.

Free play is offered, but after the registration only. Before you register, you cannot find out a lot. On the website, you can see just the current welcome offer and an invitation to register. It is not the best practice because if you are just having a look around, this is something that will definitely frighten many players off. We believe that the casino shall consider this detail to ensure the best inflow of punters and increase its user friendliness.

Based on what we have found out, we can assess this casino as an average offer. If you live in the USA where the options are not too extensive, Supernova still can be awarded the casino 2021 title. But for other countries where there is choice, this is just an average casino. Even though there are significant benefits, which are undoubted, some drawbacks are rather significant, too. Those drawbacks lower the casino`s value significantly.